Tsestos kathisma melody

I have a question regarding a specific and popular kathisma melody. I'm not sure if it because of the powerhouse CD compilation, "Apo ti Thraki tou Orfea & tou Dionisou," a Prantsidis production,

I want to pick out one of the tsestos track which has a very distinctive kathisma tune I would say. It is the tsestos from Monastiri, track #25 on CD#4 if anyone has the CD and wants to know what I'm talking about.

I would like to hear some of your input as to why you think it is so popular to play that particular melody with tsestos. My opinion, in other recordings it can be difficult to hear the kathisma melody, which isn't true in this track. I think it is a good start for people who are new to learning the dance, but this isn't, the only kathisma melody in Monastiri. I have heard old recordings of different kathisma melodies, some more noticable than others, but this one also seems to be very orchestrated maybe. I think it is due to the passing of the older generation and this is how the new generation is interpreting and preserving the music.

I am not an expert in Thracian music by any means. It's just been a thought in my head and I just want to know what you all think.

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Yea I remember always hearing about a specific melody used for kathisma, but never really became familiar with it until this cd came out (actually heard it for the first time when levendia did AR some years ago with methorios, great show). I don't know if anyone else noticed, but I thought the kathisma melody in this cd is very similar (my ears pick it up to be almost the exact same) to ''siko yianni'm balkanioti". I too would like to know more about this, and perhaps hear some of the other kathisma melodies you were speaking of michael.

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I also agree about this particular kathisma melody being the melody used for Siko Yianni Balkanioti.

I have some that I could send you if you want. I've also noticed that with regarding the dancers in the Trikala area that I've seen on video, if the kathisma is being played in the middle of their "basic" steps, they don't wait for the next "basic." I've noticed they will jump right in the kathisma steps when they hear the change up in music.

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Dear Friends

I wathed the discussion about Kathisma. My notes are:

1) kathisma is a certain part of a tsestos melody (tsestos is the type of dance which contains many different melodies) which gives a cut or uplifting mood by the musicians and for the dancers.

2) indeed... if the kathisma is being played in the middle of their "basic" steps, dancers don't wait for the next "basic." they will jump right in the kathisma steps when they hear the change up in music.

3) the kathisnma melody part is common in most songs but there are also othhers

4) in this Cd (my fathers production) we used the most common and special Tsestos melody, as Monastery musicians used to play.

This CD was made with lots of work and years of investigation at Eastern Roumelia songs, music and dances. For the ones that have the CD, they can have a look on the pold recordings at the first 2 CDs.

I would me glad to help you in any other metter concerning Eastern Roumelia.

Dimos Prantsidis
Physcal Education and Sports Scientist
Dance Teatcher

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