Hello, I just Created an iPhone app where you can play various greek folk instruments like the Gaida, pontian flogera, doumberleki.

Here is the link to the app: ... 32257?mt=8
Here is the linkn to the commercial:

****New feature coming soon:
Ability to download various song tutorials. The iGaida will play the notes of the given song, and show the fingerings of each note as it is played so that the learner can finger along with the tutorial.
In almost no time, the learner will be able to know how to play a real song.
This does not only apply to the iGaida. When the techniques learned from this app are transferred over to the live instrument, the player will almost instantaneously be able to play the songs from the tutorial.

Through much research and testing, we believe we have created the easiest and most accessible tool for learning to play all kinds of instruments. The techniques from these instruments directly apply to the basics for many other instruments like the clarinet etc..

Vasilios Hioureas

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