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How can we do this, email? Or possibly send a portable HDD over... I will fill it on my side and you take what you want and send it back to me with your stuff on it?

That is probably better....would love to get a copy of the Thessaly's so hard to find good stuff and versions..
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Re: Dances from Thessaly

Vas, you had previously asked about a book on the dances of Thessaly. I don't know of one that covers the region as a whole, but there are some for more specific areas. One is: Τάι Τάι, το Αηδονοχώρι Αγράφων και τα Τραγούδια του, Γεώργος Παπαδόπουλος, και Λαογραφικά Αργιθέας Αγράφων, Σούλα Τόσκα-Κάμπα.

I have no idea if the books are still available or from where to buy them. Hope this helps.

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