<<SKOTINA 22-16 April 2014>>

For 23st year the annual meeting of dance instructors and members of Greek traditional dance groups is being organized in the hotel “ORPHEUS” in Skotina Pieria, from 22/4/2014 until 26/4/2014. The meeting-seminar is being held by the scientific support of Traditional Dance Professor Yannis Prantsidis, the school adviser of Physical Education Mpampis Moutselos and professors of Physical Education & Sports Science Nikos Moutselos and Dimos Prantsidis.
This meeting that began 22 years ago and was the first in Greece that was addressed in Greek dance instructors, constituted on creating new statements of the Greek dance in his second “existence”, where it’ s teaching is essential.
In the 22 meetings that were held, above 100 specialised dance instructors taught dances of their regions as well as a big number of special scientists of folklore, music, history and didactics of dance.

In 2014 meeting, the following regions, songs and dances will be taught:

1. Eastern Romylia - Region of Black Sea and Kabakli: Prantsidis Yannis & Prantsidis Dimos
2. Samakovo: Mantzoyris Dimitris (KEPEM) & kalavrinos Giorgos
3. Isvoarele Romania*: Aneste Alexe

MACEDONIA (western):
1. Kleisoyra: Siokis Nikos

MACEDONIA (eastern):
1. Vamvakofyto: Koulialis Ioannis
2. Eleftheres & Nikisiani: Gkikas Dimos

ISLANDS (Aegean):
1. Kythnos: Vasilis Karfis
2. Karpathos: Zografidis Mixalis

Loutzaki Rena (Associate Professor of anthropology of dance - University of Athens-Faculty of music studies)

*(Isvoarele is a village near Constanta - Romania inhabited by Greeks. They originate from villages of 40 Eklisies of Eastern Thrace and Koyroykioϊ and Aspros from the northern Thrace. In 1828 after a Russo-Turkish war, they followed the Russian army to avoid the massacre of Turks. Since then they created this village, purely Greek. Despite the many years that have passed they have managed to maintain the language and several elements of their tradition).

The program includes also:
- Each evening, glenti with orchestras from the taught regions.
- Rythmology Courses: Moutselos Nikos.
- Video projections, photographs.
- Costume presentation from the taught regions.
- General meetings and discussions about the dance didactics and the presentation of traditional dance.
- Accommodation in two-bedroom rooms with 3 meals.
- Complete file with seminar material and notes.
- Seminar Certifications.

The total cost of the meeting is 290 Euros.
Students: 250 Euros.
The price for those who do not participate in the courses is 200 Euros.

Meeting starts on Tuesday 12-4-2014 at 5:00 p.m.

For better planning, declare in time your attendance.
For more information regarding the meeting, as well as statements of attendance you can be addressed in:

Prantsidou Vaso
Aiginio 60300
Tel. and fax 00302353023265 - Mob.00306976236403
e-mail: dimosprantsidis@gmail.com

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