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Greek Rhythms
Greek and Cypriot dances

Greek Dance Clasess for all ages and levels including Zeybekiko.Delve in to the depths of Greek civilisation by participating in our dance activities. Every Friday 18:15 Beginners 19:20 Intermediate All ages and levels
at Dunkirk Community Centre Montpelier Road, Nottingham NG7 2JY

About us
Greek Rhythms is a company that is working hard in keeping alive and promoting Greek traditional dances and believes in the power of sharing its experience through the teaching and training of others.

Educational & Community Services

The work in normally delivered in the form of residency, workshop, lecture demonstrations, specially designed projects, on going work and performances.

Customers needs will direct the character and content of the above sessions. It may be have an introductory character, creative based, performance related, or other specific areas.

Our work can cover many strands of the National Curriculum for Physical Education, meeting a lot of its requirements.

Introducing students to dance style from different time, place and culture is one of the strong points that this dance offers.

Our Education programme targets a wide range of people and sessions can be individually tailored to meet you students needs.

We work with all age groups in school including mixed ability classes and special needs.

The company delivers

• Workshops and Residencies - Can run from hours to a number of days with the content adapted to needs of the participants.
They may have an introductory character – creative based – performance related

• Lecture demonstrations -The lecture and video demonstrations model provides insight into the different regional styles of Greek and Cypriot dance, along with the rich selection of costumes and their influence on dance. Suitable for GCSE, A level students

• In service training for teachers, dance troupes leaders - These are specially designed sessions to the individual needs of the school or group of teachers. It stimulates a practical approach to introduce Greek and Cypriot dance in the school curriculum.

• On going work or blocks of work (half or full terms work) may lead to a final presentation in front of audience – daily or weekly sessions covering work on a strand of the National Curriculum for Physical Education requirements or introducing pupils to Greek and Cypriot dance, or dance clubs and out of school activities.

• Private tuition: Work is designed to the needs of the participant. It is personalised dancing.

• Company Performances – exciting and entertaining in full traditional costume can vary in length and character, launching the audience into the Greek spirit, most times through participation.

• Specially designed projects can vary in content, length according to your requirements.

We strongly recommend the use of specially designed projects for school use, if they want to get the best out our work.

In theses projects, we will provide according to the particular requirements of the schools.

According to the time, availability, needs, the project will be tailor made for the needs of its students.

A Unit of work will be designed many times using stimulus from the Ancient Greek history/myths and delivered to the school prior to the teaching time, where reference will be made on aims, objectives, syllabus focus, learning experiences, dance outline, and assessment criteria.

These projects can vary in length, and can introduced pupil into a different style of dance, or focus on a particular strand of the National Curriculum for Physical Education requirements.
Team work and creativity is encouraged during these specially designed projects, with a strong element of entertainment by engaging all participants according to ability.

Many of our projects can lead to final dance presentation in front of an audience

More information at info@greekrhythms.co.uk

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